April 6,7,13,14-Fezziwig “Fezziwig Dreams of Electric Sheep” (PHIT)

March 31-Patric Writes Sketches Presents: Walking Contradiction (A One Man Show)-PHIT




February 10th-Patric Writes Sketches Present: Walking Contradiction (A One Man Show)-Second City

January 19th-Stable Genius-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)


December-16-Fezziwig “Sketch the Halls” (PHIT)

December 15-Fezziwig “Sketch the Halls” (PHIT)

December 14-Patric Writes Sketches “Walking Contradiction: A One Man Show” (PHIT)

December 9-Fezziwig “Sketch the Halls” (PHIT)

December 8-Fezziwig “Sketch the Halls” (PHIT)

December 2-Fezziwig “Sketcch the Halls” (PHIT)

December 1-Fezziwig “Sketch the Halls” (PHIT)

November 29-Patric Writes Sketches-“Walking Contradiction: A One Man Show” (PIT)

November 25-Patric Writes Sketches-Black Friday Comedy Marathon (PHIT)

November 24-Fezziwig-Black Friday Comedy Marathon (PHIT

August 18-Fezziwig “Good Clean Fun” (PHIT)

August 17-Fezziwig “Good Clean Fun” (PHIT)

August 11-Fezziwig “Good Clean Fun” (PHIT)

August 10-Fezziwig “Good Clean Fun” (PHIT)

June 29- Patric Writes Sketches w/ Goat Rodeo (PHIT)

May 19-Fezziwig “The Deadutante Ball” (PHIT)

May 18-Fezziwig  “The Deadutante Ball”(PHIT)

May 12-Fezziwig “The Deadutante Ball” (PHIT)

May 11-Fezziwig “The Deadutante Ball” (PHIT)

April 28-The Pen and The Sword (PHIT)

April 27-The Pen and The Sword (PHIT)

April 23-Theme Show-Codename Bacchus (PHIT)

April 22-Patric Writes Sketches-(Philly Sketchfest)

March 26-Theme Show-Codename Bacchus (PHIT)


October 14th-15th-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)

August 26-One Minute Monologues-(Good Good Comedy)

July 15-Patric Writes Sketches w/ You’re Mom and Darius Rucker M.D (PSP)

May 25-Theme Show-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)

April 19-Patric Writes Sketches (The Grape Room)

April 3-Until Pluto-Philly SketchFest (PSP)

April 1-Patric Writes Sketches-Philly SketchFest (PSP)

March 29-One Minute Monologues-(Good Good Comedy)

March 24-25-The Flat Earth w/Until Pluto (PHIT)

March 15-Pilot Season-Until Pluto (PIT)

March 4-Patric Writes Sketches w/Monologues with Brought To You By (PHIT)

March 3-Patric Writes Sketches-Hey We’re Cool (L’etage)

February 12-The Sideshow-Until Pluto (PHIT)

January 1-Sketch Hangover-Until Pluto (PSP)

January 1-Sketch Hangover-Patric Writes Sketches (PSP)


December 18-Until Pluto: Still Not A Better World w/Cynthia Marie’s “And Stay Out! The Farewell Show, National Sketch Month Anthology” and Alex Pearlman (PSP)

December 16th-Until Pluto (The Grape Room)

November 28-Black Friday Marathon-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)

November 23rd-Guess Patric Ciervo’s Blood Sugar (Good Good Comedy)

October 18thNew York Sketchfest-Patric Writes Sketches w/Goat Roadeo- Unstoppable Failure (The PIT)

October 17New York Sketchfest-Patric Writes Sketches w/ We Are Thomasse(The PIT)

October 8-9thPatric Writes Sketches w/ People Say I’m Sketchy (PHIT)

November 28th 2015-Black Friday Comedy Marathon-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)

July 25th-The Bit Show-(Good Good Comedy)

July 16-18, 2015-Until Pluto: Bill Mellchior Is Dead w/Nicole Yates (PSP)

April 8th-9th-Patric Writes Sketches w/Monologues &Sketch Up (PHIT)

January 15-16-Patric Writes Sketches w/ Clark’s Glasses(PHIT)

January 9Theme Show-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)


November 28-Black Friday Comedy Marathon-Patric Writes Sketches (PHIT)

September 4-Iron Sketch “Water” (PHIT)

August 29-One Minute Monologue’s (Five Dollar Comedy Week)

April 25-Iron Sketch “Chair” (PHIT)

March 21st-Corn Teeth (PHIT)

March 6-7 2014-Corn Teeth w/American Breakfast (PHIT)

February 28th-Corn Teeth (PHIT)

February 14th-2014-Corn Teeth w/Kevin Quirk (PHIT)


December 6, 2013-Corn Teeth (Theme Show)

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